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In 2008, our team set out to change the home remodeling industry.

Thanks to our proven systems, our clients and team members enjoy a hassle-free, home remodeling experience from start to finish.

About the Industry

About the Industry

The home remodeling industry is a rapidly growing market worth over $400 billion, with a projected annual growth rate of 4.5%.

Many homeowners update their homes every 3-10 years. In the past year, 49% of homeowners completed at least one home remodeling project.

Investing your career in this industry can be a smart choice as it provides a steady source of revenue. With the growing demand for home renovation projects, there is a high potential for profit and growth. 


We provide you with the tools you need to launch your new business.

Income Potential

Owning your own business gives you the freedom to choose what projects you take on, when and where you work, as well as how much time and money you're willing to invest in each job. Your success is limitless and has no ceiling.

Business Building

The Design Pro franchise offers access to highly sought-after name recognition in the industry which will give customers confidence in hiring you over someone else with less experience or credibility within the industry.

Work Life Balance

Control all aspects of your schedule when you begin your entrepreneurial journey with us. Plus, working with homeowners to help improve their daily lives is extremely rewarding. Invest in a business you can feel good about.

About the Opportunity

Franchising with Design Pro is a quick and effective way to get your business off the ground and up and running.

By partnering with our established brand, you’ll benefit from access to our resources, experience, and expertise.

You will gain access to our launch training and playbook so that you can begin your business successfully.

Franchise Training

We work with you every step of the way through on-boarding, training, and ready to launch in your market in just a few months.